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Meet The Owner


Serendipity Social Co
Founder & CEO

Ryn Pitts


Ryn Pitts founded Serendipity Social Co in July of 2021 while on vacation in Los Angeles, California. During that time, she was working with reputable brands, like Fabletics and Steve Madden, as a Micro-Influencer. She worked with numerous brands of all sizes to strategize campaigns that connected with her, at the time, over 5,000 organic followers. Her job as a Micro-Influencer was to make a connection to her target audience, and in return, generate organic sales for the company she partnered with. 


After returning to Dallas, Texas, she began marketing and building the SSCo brand. In the beginning stages of SSCo, she only offered Content Creation services to help build her portfolio and network with other creatives and business owners in the city. However, she knew she wanted to turn Serendipity Social Co into a full-service Social Media Agency in the near future, offering services like Social Media Management and Graphic Marketing. 


Once signing her first Social Media Management client, a women-owned small business in Dallas, TX, she began working closely with the brand to strategize a Business to Consumer focused social media strategy that would boost their engagement on socials, as well as increase online sales. After working with the brand for many months, the companies parted ways and SSCo then signed a bigger, women-owned small business client who, at the time, was an online clothing boutique based in Dallas, TX, Zapata House.

After marketing and managing the official opening of the Zapata House storefront in San Antonio, TX in January of 2022, SSCo was asked to relocate to SATX and moved that following March. Ryn spent nearly six months networking within the local creative community and worked to get her name known amongst emerging and established entrepreneurs. By June of 2022, SSCo was made an official LLC and had signed five new Social Media Management clients in the city.


In less than one year in SATX, SSCo managed over eight different small businesses' social media marketing strategy and digital presence. Within the same time, SSCo began its YouTube channel, #LetsGetSocial, a YouTube interview series hosted by Ryn Pitts. In addition, SSCo began its blog, The Social Strategy, which shines the #SocialSpotlight on small and local businesses and shares business tips and tricks. 

Today, SSCo offers numerous social media-focused services such as; content creation, social media management, social media copy, and other social media services. In addition, SSCo offers a number of photography services for business owners such as headshots and branded shoots. Along with that, SSCo has officially partnered with three businesses providing several services that benefit clients of SSCo. Of the businesses SSCo has partnered with, two are women-owned, three are San Antonio based, and all three are small, local businesses. Furthermore, in February of 2023, Ryn Pitts hosted SSCo’s first Social Media Workshop to an intimate group of fifteen women in collaboration with the Babes Support Babes community.


As for the future of SSCo, she intends to further its transition into a full-service Social Media Agency and continue to prioritize working with established small and medium-sized businesses in the state of Texas, offering various valuable services to businesses and brands. 


For the remainder of 2023, she plans to persist in making a name for herself and SSCo in the SATX entrepreneurial community. Anticipate SSCo giveaways that heighten the visibility of local businesses to one another, events and workshops that help to better and bring the community together, and continued advocacy for small, local businesses. In the coming years, you can expect a massive rebrand and even more social media services available for SSCo clients.

In the Media

I pride myself on my ability to be transparent and detailed with those I work with. I want people to know that I care, and I feel that proper organization, communication, and punctuality are the most basic, yet impactful ways that you can show that you care. To me, it’s a matter of respect, and I want everyone I work with to know that I respect them, what they’re doing, and their business.

Conversations With Ryn Pitts, Voyage Magazine SATX

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