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Serendipity Social Co is a Social Media Agency based in San Antonio, Texas. Serendipity Social Co was started in 2021 because SSCo’s Founder, Ryn Pitts, saw a massive need from business owners in all industries for not only Photography and Content Creation services, but also Social Media guidance. At SSCo, we offer numerous General Photography/Videography Services, Content Creation specific for social media, and other Social Media Services. We specialize in Photography and Social Media Management, and provide Content Membership Packages for the Business Owner looking to completely outsource their social media responsibilities! Ryn and her team act as your brands personal Creative Consultant to help your company build a strong digital presence across platforms. 

SSCo's mission is to provide San Antonio-based businesses of all sizes with Content Creation and Social Media representation that is an authentic representation of a brands values and showcases the brand in a creative and consistent manner. In our efforts to achieve this mission time and time again, we have partnered with many talented, local businesses to cater to our clients any need and offer additional services that SSCo Clients can utilize and benefit from. Today, we can graciously say that SSCo has helped over ten San Antonio Small Businesses build their brand on multiple Social Media platforms and we have performed Photography & Videography Services for a vast variety of local Entreprenuers and Business Owners. 


Our Mission

At SSCo, our mission is to provide San Antonio-based businesses of all sizes with Content Creation and Social Media representation that is an authentic extension of their brand's values and showcases the brand in a creative and consistent manner on Social Media Platforms.

Our Values

  • We do good business

  • We support our community

  • We strive to bring out the best in not only the business, but the people in it 

  • We make content you'll be content with

SSCo in the media

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In the Media



Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Ryn Pitts, I am the Founder and CEO of Serendipity Social Co. At SSCo I act as a brands personal Creative Consultant to help them navigate the ever-changing world of social media. Originally, I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, but have lived in Portland, OR, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, and now have made a home in San Antonio, TX. I like to think of myself as a Professional Hype Woman, and I’m sure after one shoot with me that you will too! I am truly passionate about what I do, the community I serve, and the growth of my business as well as myself as a Business Owner.


Growing up in the era of technology, my fascination with Social Media came early in life! By the time I was a Freshman in High School, I was consistently making Fashion Content for my YouTube Channel and Blog at the time called The RynCycle. Towards the end of Freshman year, I still loved being in front of the camera, but wanted to shift my focus to being behind it; Birthing my love for Photography my Sophomore Year in High School. By my Junior Year, I was working with brands like Fabletics and Steve Madden as a Micro-Influencer while simultaneously building my Photography clientele and Entrepreneurial skill set. Fast forward to now, I am nearing 10 years in my Photographer journey and have been a Small Business Owner for nearing five years! 


I founded the Social Media Agency, Serendipity Social Co, in 2021 and officially LLC’d the business in 2022. What started as a Content Creation Agency focused on creating content for Small Businesses has transformed into a full scale Social Media Agency offering numerous Photography, Videography, and Social Media Services to businesses of all sizes. Since moving to San Antonio, TX in 2022, the local community has welcomed me and my business with open arms, and because of that we have been able to provide many services to various kinds of Entrepreneurs and Creatives throughout the city and we have hosted numerous Social Media Workshops to teach fellow Small Business Owners. 


In March of 2023, I accepted the Director of Branding & Marketing Leadership Board Position with local, SATX non-profit, The Lemonade Circle! As of June 2023, The Lemonade Circle and Serendipity Social Co have partnered to bring TLC student-members an opportunity to learn new skills in Videography, Content Creation, and Branding through the Content Queen Social Media Summer Program. Since joining TLC’s Board, I have served as a Mentor, resource, and friend to the women of The Lemonade Circle organization working with them to help sustain a strong digital presence on socials, hosting Social Media Workshops to teach their members and parents, and helping to capture photos at their community events. 


I truly love being able to capture brands and share their story through the art of Photo and Video and I am so grateful to be doing what I love on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing to grow my business and community as I get further acquainted with San Antonio and all of the talent it has to offer! 

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