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Our Services

To book any SSCo service, a Consultation Call must be scheduled. During the call, company and SSCo will discuss the goals and details of the photoshoot, discuss any available add-ons, and finalize all pricing for the service(s). From there we will find a date, time, and location that works for all involved.


Schedule your Consultation Call.

No Consultation Call needed for Headshot Sessions, but please send an email to schedule :)



  • Consultation Calls are free of charge. 

  • Expect from 7-14 days for final edits

  • Studio fees are an additional cost paid for by client unless stated otherwise

  • Serendipity Social Co must be credited in the form of a tag (@serendipitysocialco) on each piece of content created

  • All content created by SSCo will be able to be used on ALL SSCo platforms including, but not limited to, website, email and all social platforms

  • Content created will be the responsibility of the company to distribute across social platforms, NOT SSCo


Company Content Creation: $150/hr

Includes: Product Photography, In-Action Coverage (on the job), Company Inventory Shoot (w/ models), Behind The Scenes, Storefront/Location, etc.

15 photos back guaranteed, and access to all un-edited photos!

Branding Photoshoot: $250

2 hours, 1-2 locations, 2-4 looks

A Branding Photoshoot is a chance to showcase your business visually. It allows you to tell the complete story of who you are, what your brand represents and what you do. A branded photoshoot is a collection of candid, posed, lifestyle, and scenery photos that focus on telling the story of you and your company.


This shoot will contain photos of you, your product/brand, as well as photos of you with your product.There is no limit to the amount of props you can bring for your Branding Shoot, as long as they represent your brand.  

15 photos back guaranteed, and access to all un-edited photos!

Influencer Content Creation: $150

1 hour, 1 location, 1-2 looks


- Content Photography

Add On: 

- 1 Reel video, $50


Perfect for the smaller influencer who has partnership deals that they need professional and engaging content for.

5 photos back guaranteed, and access to all un-edited photos!

Video Content Creation:


Includes: Store Tour, Trending Audio Reels & TikToks, Youtube Videos and Clips, Tutorials, Introduction Videos, Educational Videos, Announcements & Updates, Tips & Tricks, Q&A, etc

Service Add-Ons

Professional Makeup Artist | @eliteeyebrowssa

Classic Makeup Look: $65 (45min-1hr)
Natural looks; fresh face, soft glam, light lashes

Glam Makeup Look: $85 (1hr-1.5hr)
Full glamour; full-proof wear, contouring, lashes

Professional Hairstylist | @kcharlessatx

Shampoo & Style: $50 (1hr)

Reminder: Client must provide reference photos for any service add-ons

Business Headshots: 1-2 looks

$150 per person

A headshot is distinctly professional. Business headshots typically have a clear focus, you, and not many distracting details or scenery around it. Business Headshots can be booked for yourself or you and your team.  Headshot Sessions can take, at minimum, 30 minutes with one person,  and upwards of 1 hour depending on how many people. You can bring props to your session, but it is not required.

3-5 photos back guaranteed, and access to all un-edited photos!

Social Media Management: $1,000

See Monthly Membership Package

SSCo offers a monthly membership package that includes both Content Creation and Social Media Management, and various membership perks and benefits! Click above to view.

Influencer Content Creation: $250

2 hours, 2 locations, 2-4 looks


- Content Photography

Add On: 

- Reel video, $50/video (3 max)

Perfect for the more-known influencer who works with a few brands each month and is looking to capture creative and consistent content to align with their partnership agreements.

10 photos back guaranteed, and access to all un-edited photos!

Website Copy: $75 per paragraph

or $225 per page

For this service, an SSCo Creative Consultant will collaborate with your company to create website copy that helps tell the story of your brand. 

Can include, but not limited too:

- About us page

- Partnership page

- Client page

- Biography 


What Our Clients Say

Alisa Cox, Owner of Whole Hearted Real Estate

Alisa Cox, Wholehearted Real Estate SATX

"Working with Ryn has been an incredible experience from start to finish. Her confidence is contagious at first meeting, her knowledge of the business is unmatched, truly a social media wizard! She is innovative and professional, an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs. Just an absolute delight to work with! We loved the experience of working with Ryn and the entire team at SSCO and will ABSOLUTELY be working with them again in the future."

Modeling Digitals

In collaboration with Elite Eyebrows & Makeup Studio



Clothing Requirements


1 hour Digitals photo session 

Photoshoot Includes:

  • 2 looks (standard + swim)

  • 1 walk video

  • 1 Comp Card PDF

  • 10-15 final edits

30-45 minute makeup by



  • Solid black jeans (or leggings)

  • Solid black top

Tee-shirt, strapless top, halter top, tank top

Bra underneath recommended

  • Solid black heels (or booties)

no platforms, no strappy heels, no mules


  • Solid black swim suit

One or two piece 

Or all black panty and bra set (no lace)

  • Solid black heels

No booties or mules

Total Price: $200

For more information and booking, 

Email or reach via DM @serendipitysocialco

Model Comp Card Creation

Standard Comp Cards: $40

- All measurements
- 3 digitals photos
- 1 swim photo
- Contact information
- Black background 


How to Book:


Include in Email:

- Desired 3 digitals (1 swim)

- Phone number 

- Email address

- All measurments 

Personalized Comp Cards: $100

- All measurements
- 3-4 digitals photos
- 1-2 swim photos
- Contact information 
- Chosen background color
- Chosen font(s) (1-2)
- B&W Digitals Option (yes or no)

How to Book: 


Include in Email:

- Desired 3-4 digitals (1-2 swim)

- Phone number 

- Email address

- All measurements 

- Desired font 

- Desired background color (color code or photo inspo required)

- Reply "yes" or "no" for B&W digitals photos

Digitals Portfolio

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