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Social Strategy

The main purpose of this service is to leverage outreach and produce creative and personalized content while focusing on your niche to boost consumer engagement. Through a customized strategy for your brand, SSCo will establish an aesthetic that builds brand recognition with current customers and potential clients. 

Content Creation

Through the use of photo and video, SSCo will help tell your brands story in a way that is relevant and engaging while remaining in alignment with your audience & values. After understanding your marketing goals, we are confident that we will be able to create content that you are (more than) content with!

Profile Rebrand

A SSCo profile rebrand ultimately gets your brand to the best possible place before embarking on its journey. It consists of a new or reworked slogan, feed audit, pre-planned feed layout, updated bio and new contact links. We will work together to refocus and revise previous content while implementing a new way to represent your brand with fresh content. 

Profile engagement

Through the use of analytics, we will help your brand become apart of its community by engaging with new customers and potential clients through direct message, comments and story outreach. 

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