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#SocialSpotlight: Sundays @ Zapata House

When I moved to San Antonio, TX last month I wasn't certain of the benefits it would have for me and Serendipity Social Co. What I did know was that it felt like something I needed to do, and most importantly, it felt like the right time to do it. It's only been about five weeks being here, and it brings me so much joy to say that I think I've found the reason; Hosting Sundays @ Zapata House

Now, you might be wondering a few things:

  1. What is Zapata House & what happens on Sundays?

  2. Who and/or was at the event?

  3. When is the next one?

  4. How can I be apart of it?

All of which will be addressed as you continue through this article. So, #Letsgetsocial!

Zapata House

Zapata House is a woman owned and operated lifestyle brand that creates all clothing ethically and in house with minimal to zero waste during production based in Alamo Heights, San Antonio. Every design is influenced by creator Avery Zapata's Texas and Hispanic heritage, meant to bring their customers something truly personal and unique. They focus on reworking vintage pieces, original designs, and made-to-order garments. Their mission is to create original, high quality, and eco conscious clothing that is meant to last.

If a disco ball, two adorable pooches running around and the sounds of Avery Zapata's work playlist don't intrigue you, maybe hand painted ceiling art by local artist @jzaparts might!

Opening only in Jan of 2021, Zapata House has started to make a name for itself in the city of San Anontio and is on the path to becoming a SA staple.

Being home of the infamous San Antonio Sluts & Whatabitch(es), Zapata House 's wide range of inventory and vintage charm truly make this a store that is made for everyone. At the very least, it is one of the cutest photo ops in Alamo Heights.

Aside from Zapata House 's one of a kind designs, the owner (Avery Zapata, left) has done an amazing job becoming a sanctuary for local designers to showcase their creations in a storefront environment.

Some of the designers in stores currently include; Austin Alegra, Grecia Swim, Juan Zapata & Erin's Vintage Jewels!

Sundays @ Zapata House

Now, here we are in April of 2021, seeing the latest effort of Zapata House 's continued expansion in front of our eyes; Sundays @ Zapata House hosted by Serendipity Social Co.

Sundays @ Zapata House is a vendors market event showcasing local Texas creators, designers and artists! The event takes place in front of the Zapata House storefront in Alamo Heights and is set to happen every other month on a given Sunday.

Accompanied with alcohol, live music and guaranteed hype woman Ryn Pitts (right), theres absolutely no way you want to miss this vending vibe!

Our First Sunday

Enjoy this recap video by Serendipity Social Co.

Meet The Vendors

The Thrift Thru Vintage

Owner: Payton

Category: Vintage Clothing & Accessories



Ashley Schroepfer

Owner: Ashley

Category: Home Decor, Art & Special Projects



Issa's Baked Goods

Owner - Issa

Category: Sweets & Desserts


Chic N' Motion

Owner - Andrea

Category: Clothing & Accessories



Tattoos By Gabriella Lozano

Owner - Gabriella

Category: Tattoos



La Gloria Margarita Truck

Category: Food & Beverage



J.Zap Arts

Owners: Juan Zapata

Category: Art



So, What's Next?

All and all, the turnout for our First Sunday was more than we could've imagined! It was so great to be able to finally meet so many creatives that, until Sunday, have only had a connection to SSCo & ZH virtually. Along with the ability to showcase so much local talent, this event was truly one that warmed my heart from start to finish.

After speaking with Avery, I am excited to announce that our next Sundays @ Zapata House Vendors Market Event is officially set for June 5th, 2022. We can't wait to see the kinds of vendors this event will continue to highlight, and will be selecting 10 vendors, in varying industries, for this event. The only thing we require of all vendors is the ability to provide a 10x10 tent.

You can send your application to

Disclaimer: Vendors fee required

#Letsgetsocial With Zapata House

7959 Broadway #100B, San Antonio, Texas 78209



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