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#SocialSpotlight: MIXD MIAMI

The world is a place filled with endless chances to reinvent yourself. Don’t let society force you into one way of being.

I want to shine the #socialspotlight on a clothing company that is pushing confidence and originality for both men and women through their one of a kind clothing located in Ohio, Mixd Fashion. A brand that is pushing this radical message through handmade athleisure that allows both men and women to feel like they don’t have to conform to anyone’s norm. I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of Mixd Fashion, Jada Taylor, to get the inside scoop on the brains behind the brand and the newest Mixd Fashion collection; MIXD MIAMI.

So, #letsgetsocial

Setting The Scene

Meet Jada Taylor, the 26yr old bringing some always appreciated flavor to the Ohio fashion scene. Her love for fashion started in high school as she began designing for local shows and the schools' Drama Club plays. She attended a private Fashion College in Ohio, where she studied Haute Couture methods for fashion design, body types/measurements and pattern making. After college she started her career in film, as a tailor and set costumer for wardrobe. Since then, Taylor has worked in collaboration with several Netflix shows, and was the tailor for the popular movie Judas and the Black Messiah starring Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield.

Taylors' family has taught her to "not define myself by the opinions of others"(Jada Taylor). MIXD is showing the world what girls are and what they can be, and that all girls don't fit into any boxes. With MIXD, she likes to constantly set large goals and plan small steps to get there.

"MIXD in three words would be colorful, fun and unstoppable. Fashion to her has the power to break boundaries and make women feel powerful and beautiful." - Jada Taylor

Taylor's inspiration came from the Real Housewives Of Miami and their fearlessness with colorful styles and have their confidence to wear anything. She stated, "Those women know how to dress!"

Did you face any challenges while trying to create this collection? Menswear was a bit of a challenge since this was our first time!

What was your favorite part about watching this collection come to life? I loved the photo shoot and seeing the designs come to reality. The team we worked with in Miami was so nice and fun. They really understood the Mixd message and you can tell from the photos.

How do you want people to feel when they’re wearing this collection?

Confident. They're ready for anything!

Why Miami and not another sunny place? The city of Miami has all the vibrant energy of Mixd. Color and graffiti everywhere, music and just a great vibe.

"Mixd Fashion loves to celebrate and dress the unstoppable females, the go getters, the creative ballers. We strive for world domination, one girl at a time." - Jada Taylor

I am so happy to have stumbled upon Mixd Fashion (thank you Instagram)! This brand continues to defy the casualties of streetwear and athleisure by putting its own spin on vibrant clothing that encourages people to not only look their best, but feel like their best selves too. The newest collection continues to hold true to its standard of originality. Plus, the new collection is definitely giving us all of the energy Miami channels!

Before I close the curtains on this spotlight, I want to leave you with this quote by Andrew Murphy, "You are only confined by the walls you build yourself."

#Letsgetsocial with Mixd Fashion!

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