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#SocialSpotlight: HerStory Organization

What started out as a make-your-own subscription box service featuring purely women-owned brands has transformed into a global movement empowering women in business through a one-stop-shop digital marketplace. Allow me to introduce HerStory, a DFW based organization started by three #GirlBosses, Brittany, Tinsley and Whitney. HerStory is all about highlighting female entrepreneurs and giving them exposure to a platform filled with like-minded women willing and eager to support them! Guided by their "North Star" measurement of success and morality, this women-lead team has curated an organization steadfast on the development, betterment and support of women. With that being said, I am so excited to shine the #SocialSpotlight on the HerStory organization and the amazing women who birthed the brand.

What started your organization?

When we launched HerStory it all started in Dallas, Texas out of a need to not only support our own small businesses during the pandemic, but our friends' businesses as well. What started as a passion project quickly turned into a movement to flip the retail model on its head - it's about the brands, direct to consumer, the story and the impact.

Why is supporting women business so important?

Women are creators, nurturers and partners. Working with women businesses does not only support a brand, but it uplifts a community. Although women in business and C-Suite are underrepresented, they are the most dedicated to fair pay, sustainability, artisanal vocational training and collaboration. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know founders who created businesses to make change for good vs. for the margin. My hope is that through the Support HerStory platform, consumers can attach themselves to a movement and a story over just a beautiful handcrafted luxury good.

"Women are determined to make an impact and when they put their minds to it, we rise together." - Tinsley Merrill

What does it mean, for you, to be a woman in business?

For me, it means to not be defined only by that, but to be able to step forward and support one another. There is a community of women in business, and to be one is to be someone who is willing to go the extra mile, fight for excellence, press on and do your job well. HerStory does an amazing job of encouraging one another, understanding each others stories and supporting other women in business, which has been an experience I am so grateful for.

Why did you choose to work with businesses outside of the US?

I have always been an experientialist and enjoyed traveling the world to get to know other cultures and therefor, their stories. It was made apparent as soon as we launched our first international brand, Corazon Playero, on our website that our customers wanted to connect with women around the world not just in our backyard.

"We are all a family no matter the oceans that separate us and it has been truly inspiring to see women in New York connect with communities in Mexico, rural Uganda to India based on their purchase." - Tinsley Merrill

What has been the biggest hardship you’ve faced since starting the organization?

We started the company in the pandemic so we faced a lot of obstacles trying to figure out how we could best support all women-led brands vs. just the ones that fit into our luxury subscription model at the time. After two years of experience, failures and successes, I think the largest challenge is adapting to what our brands need, when they need it. The retail landscape is changing and we want to be at the forefront of the future, which we believe is sustainable, ethical brands that want to collaborate, innovate and transform communities together. We feel lucky to be so nimble so that we can transform as our brands do.

How is success defined by the women of HerStory?

For us, success is defined by support. Our measurement of success is not determined by a revenue number, instead it's determined by the exposure that we can provide for these brands through our marketplace and pop-up events. Success is measured by the amount of people engaging and the relationships we can help build between our customers and brands under the HerStory marketplace.

What has been the most rewarding part about the work you’re currently doing? Working with women of all different backgrounds, sharing their stories and being a partner in their growth. It is so rewarding to see hundreds of founders from across the world wanting to come together and support one another along with uplifting marginalized communities on the other side of the world.

"It has truly taught me that everything starts with a story, and a story can change a narrative, which can change the world." - Tinsley Merrill

This entirely female focused, owned and operated organization has made quite the name for not only itself, but other women-owned brands. Starting with 50 brands and now managing over 200 vendors in their digital marketplace, HerStory and its movement have grown rapidly over the last two years since starting. All in all, it's truly incredible to witness just how far a simple "passion project" can take you with the willingness to work, the right team, and most of all, support.

"When you purchase from a HerStory brand, you are joining a movement to empower and represent women who want to change the narrative of fashion. You are not wearing an item, you are sharing a story that makes an impact." -

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