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#SocialSpotlight: Blush Babe Co

Knee-deep in the wave of feminism and female empowerment, it is truly an amazing time to be a woman in business! As we know, when you look good you tend to feel even better, and thanks to brands like Blush Babe Co, looking good was never so simple. With designs to fit every kind of woman you are, and styles to match any season of life you may be in, this online clothing boutique is the perfect reminder that you CAN have your cake and eat it too. As we enter the first day of Women's Month, I want to shine the #SocialSpotlight on a brand widely described as empowering, diverse, and bold. Born to empower young women, allow me to introduce the Women-Owned online clothing boutique, Blush Babe Co!

When did you start Blush Babe Co and why?

Ashley Huck started Blush Babe Co in March of 2022 because she noticed there was a lack of affordable women’s clothing in online clothing boutiques. She wanted to create a brand that made women feel empowered and sexy, while still maintaining their style; whether that be an outfit for leisure, a dressy top to go for a date night, a workout set, or a dress that accentuates your curves.

Cait saw Ashley’s vision in July and joined the team as an investing partner in August of 2022. Cait wanted to shake up the “standard of fashion” and boutique ownership by creating our mission statement; “Empowered women, empower women.” Cait and Ashley truly believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion. Since opening, the two have partnered with two Latina-Owned businesses this past year, and made it the company standard to hire 50% photographers of color, and cast 50-75% women of color for their runway shows!


"Back when I started Blush Babe Co, I had a ten-year-old daughter, so I understand how important it is to encourage young girls to be themselves, to love themselves, and show themselves grace! That was my goal when starting Blush Babe Co; to help women of all ages feel their best while looking their best too." - Ashley Huck

Have you always been into fashion?

We both went to business school and got our degrees in the business field! Nonetheless, Ashley has always been a #fashionista, she is obsessed with clothes, shoes, and looking and feeling her best. Cait, on the other hand, is known for always wearing athleisure and loving a comfy chic look. To be honest, in the beginning, Cait did not have the first clue about fashion or the industry, but with time, she's grown to love being a woman in the fashion business!

What has been your favorite part about owning a small business?

The rapid growth and we love hearing the stories of how when women wear our brand! We have already been featured in three fashion shows, are a staple online boutique in our respective cities, and have created a sense of community amongst our followers and models that we cast for our shows.

"I would describe our customers in these three words; Brave. Beautiful. Empowered." - Cait Cochran

What has been your greatest accomplishment since opening? 

Our greatest accomplishment is truly creating a positive and empowering community with the women that wear and support our brand! We see the uplifting comments when we repost our customers, and we notice the words of encouragement they share.

What advice would you give to other young professionals interested in starting their own brand? 

Be authentic! Don't mold into what society says you should be or how you should run your brand. Stay true to yourself and be brave and creative. Enjoy the ride, and not just the destination! Lastly, always be kind and stay kind. Owning a business is not easy, there will be days you feel defeated, sad about sales, or maybe question why someone treated you a certain way.. be kind anyway.

What can we expect in the future for Blush Babe Co?

So much! We’re in two cities, so you’ll see our line A LOT in the next few months. In March, we will be starting to host pop-ups in San Antonio, along with featuring our brand in numerous runway events!

I am truly inspired by the story of this brand and its constant push and advocacy for diversity, inclusivity, affordability, and confidence. While clothes and shiny jewelry are always fun to put on, let us never forget what Taylor Swift said best, "Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear". So, for this month and each month going forward, next time you're on your way out of the door, make sure to remind yourself of these two things; 1) Confidence starts with me and is only amplified by the clothes I wear! 2) Empowered women, empower women!

Wishing you all an encouraging #WomensHistoryMonth filled with sisterhood, support, and some serious shopping at Blush Babe Co :)

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San Antonio Events:

Ape Life Gala and Runway, February 25

The Ultimate Wedding Experience, March 5

Models of Texas Runway Show, To be announced..

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