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Introducing The Social Strategy

Matt Goulart once said, “Social Media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and they will provide for you”.

The first couple of months for Serendipity Social Co. were a bit messy to say the least. I had, in a way, thrown myself into this industry without doing the necessary diligence. Looking back, this was the way I had typically done things in my previous business ventures.

There was the fashion blog, “The RynCycle”, back in high school that covered #ootds, #trends, & #tutorials. From there I evolved into “The Pitt Style”, a hand sewn recycled and up-cycled clothing brand. Looking at it now, The Pitt Style truly forced my creativity into the next level. Alone, I would source the clothes, sew them, schedule photoshoots, scout models & locations, creative direct, photograph & edit, AND do all marketing & promo for social media. After that, I gave my sewing machine a break and focused more attention on my camera. My photographer name was “The Pitt”, and I quickly began shooting nearly every week. I only shot people, I loved people, never product. Modeling portfolios, business headshots and creative concepts was where my interest lied. Once that chapter came to a close, my photography journey transitioned into YouTube, where I created “How To Style” videos in my bedroom while bored during Quarantine going by The RynCycle yet again.

Once Texas started opening back up again, The RynCycle YouTube underwent a minor expansion now introducing local business interviews to the channel. The continued pattern of starting and stopping brought me to lesson #1 : Have a plan. When life in Texas went back to normal and I went back to my uninspiring & underpaying job in Downtown Dallas. Although this was my first decently creative job, the initial excitement had faded before the lay offs in 2020, and being back in the same position a second time around, I knew one thing for sure; This is not for me.

Serendipity Social Co. was created in July 2021 while on a serendipitous Summer vacation in Los Angeles, California. During the lonely daytime, when my two friends were both busy, I explored the city, tried out surrounding restaurants and took lots and lots of pictures. During the night, since in all honesty I was a bit nervous being a black woman at night, alone, in Hollywood, I spent most of my time in the hotel room with my laptop. With all of the content I had started creating for my personal social media, including one of my favorite #foodie segments I’ve done “A Week in My Mouth”, I had one game changing thought; businesses pay people to take content like this.

The long, late nights gave me a lot of time to think, to brainstorm, and to strategize. From that thought birthed the Social Media Management & Content Creation Agency Serendipity Social Co. Along this journey there has been many more lessons learned, some of the most important being lesson #2 : Stay organized. Which taught me to appreciate the great feature that is the color coded calendar, and inevitably lesson #3 : Stick to your schedule.

Once my schedule got serious, so did SSCo.

Now in present day, SSCo has just undergone its biggest company rebrand yet. Nearly every piece of the brand image was tweaked, changed or removed entirely. While on this rebrand journey, I wanted to make it a priority to maintain a gender and industry neutralized aesthetic to diversify our clientele & widen our target audience. With that, came alterations to the content and promo strategy as well as the overall focus on the feed.

It was just recently that I learned lesson #4 : Remain open to endless opportunities. The neutralization of the SSCo image has been one of my best evolutions yet. It involved loads of planning, staying organized with all of my ideas and sticking extremely to the schedule. All with the intention of broadening our horizons and bettering our chances of not only expanding, but most importantly, creating a diverse work environment and portfolio.

As mentioned in the February recap on Instagram, the word of that month was “Nostalgic”. During the rebrand, I spent a lot of time revisiting comforting interests, like blogging and modeling, and reworking old ideas from both The RynCycle and The Pitt into the future of Serendipity Social Co.

Bringing us to this very special moment right now, the official introduction of The Social Strategy. A blog created by me, Ryn Pitts, the creator of Social Media Management & Content Creation Agency Serendipity Social Co. On this blog we will talk about all things big and small business, the many different roles digital marketing plays in the current social media world and provide insight to help lessen the amount of bumps encountered on your entrepreneurial journey.

Much like the content we create at SSCo, The Social Strategy blog heavily stands on the moral grounds of authenticity, originality, and personality. With the intention of using knowledge and experience to make connections with business owners of all sizes, people in every stage of their digital marketing journey and the social media community, welcome to The Social Strategy. I hope this blog can provide for the people in this industry just as the people in this industry have provided graciously for SSCo. #letsgetsocial!

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