Company Content Package

For the business owner who wants to utilize clean, focused and intentional content creation by SSCO.

Disclaimer: This service only provides photo content, no videography and does not provide Social Media Management services.

How it works

After scheduling a consultation meeting, company and SSCo will connect via video call to discuss the goals and details of the photoshoot. From there we will find a date, time and location for the shoot to take place that works for all involved.

In order to ensure the best possible content creation, the company will need to provide a mood board that encompasses the overall vibe of the shoot and shows examples of the desired shots they want.


We strongly urge companies to reach to 1-2 weeks in advance and will not respond to any inquiry with less than 7 days till production. 


  • $50 deposit to book

  • Content created will be the responsibility of the company to distribute across social platforms, NOT SSCo

  • Serendipity Social Co must be credited in the form of a tag on each piece of content they create

  • Please leave 48-72 hours for final edit turn-arounds

  • All content created by SSco will be able to be used on ALL SSCo platforms including, but not limited to, website, email and social platforms