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A word from Ryn

With numerous Social Media Workshops under my belt and many Guest Speaker appearances, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to share my knowledge of social media and experience of Small Business Ownership with the San Antonio community.

I am available to host private workshops for groups, guest appear during company meetings, and co-host business-focused workshops. 


Ryn Pitts, SSCo Founder & CEO


Types of workshops:

  • LinkedIn 101 & Profile Set Up

  • Instagram 101 & Content Creation Basics 

  • Canva 101

  • The Importance of a Strong Digital Presence

  • How to Build a Brand Image

  • Personal Branding

  • Business Confidence 

Workshop & Speaker Experience

August, 2023

For The Eastside Youth Content Creator Summer Program

Guest Speaker Ryn Pitts of Serendipity Social Co

Hosted by Alamo City Studios, The Eastside Youth Content Creator Summer Program is a Media Arts Program dedicated to high school students on the Eastside. The program has given students the space to apply themselves, gain real life experience, and step into their roles so effortlessly and full force. 
During the workshop, Pitts discussed the do's and don't of social media and posting, gave tips for Content Creation, and answered questions pertaining to social media application. In total, there were 17 students in attendance at the workshop. 

May, 2023

For The Lemonade Circle

High School Members & Parents

#LetsGetLinkedIn 3-Part Series: LinkedIn Application Workshop

The LinkedIn 101 workshop was the third part in our three-part LinkedIn Teaching Series! During the workshop, The Lemonade Circle members and parents learned the basics of LinkedIn, building their profile, LinkedIn Content Creation, and the importance of professional networking.
The two-hour long workshop concluded with a "LinkedIn Introduction" class activity that encourages them to make their presence on LinkedIn known. In total, the workshop hosted 25 people. 

May, 2023

Instagram 101: Social Media Workshop

The Instagram 101 workshop taught the class the basics of Instagram, the importance of Content Creation and promoting your work, and gave tips for posting on socials. This workshop was a great reminder of why going #backtobasics is needed, no matter how long you’ve been in your industry!

The 1hr long workshop concluded with a “Social Media Re-Introduction” class activity that showed stylists of the importance of showing your face on socials. As I’ve mentioned before, and as many of the stylists didn’t realize, people DO want to know who they are working with. Along with that, re-introducing yourself to socials every 3 months is a great way to bring in new clients, possibly announce any updates or exciting accomplishments, and is a great excuse to update your headshots!

For K Charles & Co Salons

April, 2023

#SeriouslySocial: Social Media Digital Presence Workshop

In February of 2023, Ryn Pitts hosted the first SSCo Social Media Workshop for the women entrepreneurs of the Babes Support Babes community. At Babes Support Babes, they create a transformative community that empowers women to achieve their personal and professional goals. 


Pitts guided the class through a presentation that highlighted the importance of a strong digital presence on social media for small businesses. In total, the workshop hosted 15 San Antonio small business owners in a two hour long class which also included a class activity, discussion, and followed by a series of six mini headshot photo sessions around the BSB Co-Space.

For BSB Co-Space Boss Babe Members



For class sizes of 10-20



For class sizes of 20-30



For class sizes of 30-45

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