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The Content Queens

In partnership with The Lemonade Circle

Social Media Summer Program

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Started in 2023 by Serendipity Social Co and The Lemonade Circle, The Content Queens Social Media Program is a Summer-long, hands on program only offered to members of The Lemonade Circle, ages 13-16. From June to August, Program Ambassadors learn based off of three main concepts; The basics of Content Creation, Photography, and Branding. With that, Ambassadors have live experiences, like Ambassador Content Days, to teach them to apply their learnings in a hands on environment. 


In the beginning of the program, Ambassadors are taught how to build and brand a local Small Business. Many of the girls within The Lemonade Circle are interested in owning their own business or their parents are trying to start a business, so with that in mind, we use this portion of The Content Queens Summer Program to give back to Lemonade Circle by offering free services, like a Branding Photoshoot and Social Media Plan to one business of the Ambassadors' choosing. During this time, Ambassadors undergo various trainings such as; Studio etiquette, Studio Lighting 101, subject positioning/posing and camera angles, Reel creation & editing, product placement, and other Photography basics.


For the entire duration of the program, Ambassadors are required to participate in a number of Social Media Workshops, Content Days, and Photoshoots to create content for The Lemonade Circle social media pages. Another major perk of The Content Queens Summer Program is that Ambassadors will be invited to attend various local networking events alongside Serendipity Social Co! This will teach them how to network themselves, give them real world experience of a business event, and show them what goes into event planning, preparation, and promotion. To finish the program, Ambassadors are required to host an end-of-summer networking event where they will learn the basics of event planning, tools for using social media to promote, and event preparation and hosting. 

23' Content Queens

Laila Royster


Mya Jones


Rileigh Proctor


23' Program Highlights

2023 Content Queen

Completion Celebration

To close out our Content Queen Summer Program, Serendipity Social Co hosted a Sunday Brunch-styled get together for all of the Content Queens at Coffee + Culture Bakery! All three Summer Ambassadors were able to share stories, experiences, and overall feedback for how to improve the program for next Summer. We spent the morning chatting, taking pictures, and enjoying a delicious, custom "2023 Content Queens" cake from local baker, Sweet Garden Cafe.

The Ambassador Experience

"Thank you and the girls for helping me with my brand! It's been a wonderful experience and I am extremely grateful to have a group of people helping me reach my goals"

Samantha Brooks,

2023 TLC Senior & Baker at The Garden Bakery

(23' Content Queen Brand Photoshoot)

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